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Toronto - June 2006
CCS Director for
Atlantic Region

Maritime Vikings - 1998 Atlantic &
Canadian BCA Team Champions!
Dale Brimicombe, Greg Wilson, Kevin Warner,
Pat Briand, Dave Boone

I hope we're playing 8-ball!

With champion Kirk Stevens
2002 Canadian Snooker Championships, Halifax

With champion Alex Pagulayan
2004 Canadian 9-Ball Championships, Toronto


Nickname: Snook
Date of Birth: January 1, 1965
City/Town: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Playing Pool Since: 1978
Cue Used: Pool - 20 oz. Lucasi LH55
Snooker - 18 oz. Barracuda Gold Medal


Dale was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia but raised in Wellington, a small village about 30 miles from Halifax. It was there, while volunteering in the local rural fire department, that his love of pool was born. "There was an old pool table in the attic. You had to shoot around the chimney, which was only about two feet from the side of the table. There was only one cue with a tip on it and, of course, the older guys always got that one. Us young kids had to learn to play with cue sticks that didn't even have ferrules, let alone tips. You learned how to hit center ball real quick! We'd play for a dollar a game, but when I'd started beating the older guys for eight or ten dollars a night, they quit playing!"

While attending Halifax Regional Vocational School studying Architectural Drafting, Dale's best friend Steve Leblanc introduced him to snooker at the old Cue & Cushion on Salter Street, a venerable icon in the snooker history of Eastern Canada. Later his uncle, John Campbell, told him stories of playing in clubs in his native England, which further fuelled Dale's desire to learn to play the game.

When the recession caused a downturn in the building industry in the early '90's, Dale's company began to lay off some staff and reduce the hours of others. Faced with a two-day work week and little prospect of finding work in drafting, he found he had lots of time on his hands to pursue his new hobby of playing snooker. In the spring of 1991, while checking out the Q Billiards Club in the Halifax suburb of Spryfield, he met the manager Brad Smith. After talking with Brad for a while about the game, Dale bought a membership to the club, and then left without even playing! He would return though and over the next several months become a fixture at the club on league night and in the regular weekly tournaments.

After several months of hanging around the club doing odd jobs and some fill-in bartending, he was offered the position of Assistant Manager. Over the years, he learned the ins and outs of league management and organizing tournaments, large and small. In 1999, he and Brad partnered up to buy the company when the previous owner decided it was time to move on to other things. "Owning and operating three billiard clubs in the city is a long way from the attic at the fire hall," Dale says, "but I love being involved in the game, whether as a player, a tournament director, or a club owner. Pool and snooker have given me a unique opportunity to be able to travel and meet new people, something I probably never would have gotten out af a career in drafting."

Dale credits his early teachers of the game - Dave Boone, Larry Leigh, Art Shunamon, Eddie Hall, Ken Sherry, and Bud Filek - with his on-the-table successes over the years. "The guys who had been around for years taught me a lot about the game early on. Some guys you play and they wouldn't give you a tip if their life depended on it. The guys I learned from weren't like that. They didn't mind playing you, even though you couldn't pot more than four balls in a row. I didn't care about losing to them, because I knew that they were teaching me things all the while, and sooner or later things would start clicking." And click they did. After capturing a share of the 1997 Provincial 8-Ball championship, Dale and Dick Barker went to Calgary to play in the inaugural Number 7 Eight Ball Challenge, featuring the top 16 players in Canada playing for big money on TSN. "That was a turning point for me and my game," Dale recalls. "The exposure to big-time pool helped elevate my game to another level." A string of three successive Maritime Team 8-Ball titles (which included a Canadian championship in 1998), thrust him into the limelight as a formidable player in his own right.

Pool also brought Dale together with his former wife Kelly Ward, at the time one of the top female players in the province. They have three children - two daughters, Sydney and Morgan, and a son Michael. "Pool's great," says proud father Dale, "but it's nothing compared to your kids. They put your life in a whole new perspective."

Although the pool halls are now gone, Dale's love of the game endures. He is self employed in a billiard related business of moving, installing and reclothing pool tables, cue tip repairs, and billiard supply retail sales. "It's nice to be able to keep in touch with the game," says Dale. "I don't play many tournaments these days, but I remain involved in the local mens 8-ball league. Cue sports has given me a lot of opportunities over the years and I've tried to give back when I could. I hope to still have a passion for the game in some form for the rest of my life. It's been very good to me."


9-Ball (Open Division)
5th/6th Provincial Open 9-Ball Championship 1999, 2005
7th/8th Provincial Open 9-Ball Championship 1998
4th Provincial Open 9-Ball Rankings 1997-98
1st Open 9-Ball Ranking Event #1 (runner-up Keith Surette) 2004-05
2nd Open 9-Ball Ranking Event #5 (winner Peter Thompson) 1997-98
9-Ball (Intermediate Division)
5th,6th Provincial Intermediate 9-Ball Championship 2003, 2004
5th Provincial Intermediate 9-Ball Rankings 2003-04
6th Provincial Intermediate 9-Ball Rankings 2002-03
1st Intermediate 9-Ball Ranking #1 (runner-up Davis Atkinson) 2003-04
9-Ball (AAA Division)
4th Provincial AAA 9-Ball Championship 2001
1st Provincial AAA 9-Ball Rankings 1998-99
1st Provincial AAA 9-Ball Rankings 1997-98
1st AAA 9-Ball Ranking #7 (runner-up Ryan MacKenzie) 1998-99
1st AAA 9-Ball Ranking #5 (runner-up Brian White) 1998-99
2nd AAA 9-Ball Ranking #5 (winner Shawn Miller) 1997-98
2nd AAA 9-Ball Ranking #2 (winner Doug Borden) 1997-98
2nd AAA 9-Ball Ranking #10 (winner Darryl Koziel) 1996-97
1st AAA 9-Ball Ranking #8 (runner-up Hugh MacEachern) 1996-97
5th,6th Provincial Open 8-Ball Championship 2005, 2007
3rd Provincial Open 8-Ball Rankings 2006-07
2nd Open 8-Ball Ranking #4 (winner Colin Maloney) 2006-07
1st Open 8-Ball Ranking #3 (runner-up Laurent Bourque) 2006-07
2nd Open 8-Ball Ranking #2 (winner Brian White) 2004-05
Snooker (AAA Division)
2nd Provincial AAA Snooker Championship (winner Bob Massia) 2002
2nd Provincial AAA Snooker Championship (winner Budd Kaiser) 2001
1st Provincial AAA Snooker Rankings 1998-99
1st AAA Snooker Ranking Event #7 (runner-up Pat Landry) 1998-99
1st AAA Snooker Ranking Event #5 (runner-up Pat Landry) 1998-99
1st AAA Snooker Ranking Event #4 (runner-up Arthur Richard) 1998-99
1st AAA Snooker Ranking Event #3 (runner-up Arthur Richard) 1998-99
1st AAA Snooker Ranking Event #2 (runner-up Pat Landry) 1998-99
1st AAA Snooker Ranking Event #5 (runner-up Greg Gilbert) 1993-94

Team Event
1st 1998 (Mariners), 1999 (Gamblers), 2000A (Mariners), 2001 (Raiders), 2012, 2013 (8-UP)   Halifax, NS
2nd 2003 (Bad Chicken), 2006 (Q Billiards), 2007 (Gamblers II)   Halifax, NS
Singles Event
7th,8th Men's Singles Division 1999 Halifax, NS

Team Event
1st Mens Open Team Division (Maritime Vikings) 1998 Toronto, ON
Singles Event
3rd Men's Singles "B" Division 2013 Toronto, ON

Team Event
9th Mens Masters Team Division (Maritime Vikings) 1998 Las Vegas, NV
Singles Event
17th Mens Open Division (164 players) 2007 Las Vegas, NV

A CBSA-run event to determine a Canadian 8-Ball champion
1st Provincial qualifying event (co-champion/provincial representative with Dick Barker) 1997 Halifax, NS
9th-16th Final 16 in TSN televised portion (lost in first round to eventual champion Kim Bohnet) 1997 Calgary, AB
4th Provincial qualifying event 1998 Halifax, NS

  Awards - Team    
  League Champions (2001, 2006, 2009-2011)    
  League Runners-Up (1999, 2002-2005, 2007, 2008)    
  'A' Division Playoff Champions (2000, 2001, 2003-2005, 2008, 2009, 2011)    
  'A' Division Playoff Runners-Up (2002, 2006, 2007, 2009)    
  'B' Division Playoff Champions (1993, 1996, 2013)    
  'C' Division Playoff Champions (1992)    
  Awards - Individual    
  Hall Of Fame Inductee 2002    
  Most Valuable Player 2001    
  High Average 2001 (.800)    
  Most 4 Game Wins 2001 (12)    
  Most Consecutive Wins 2001 (16)    
  Annual Tournaments    
  MPL 2-Point Tournament: 2nd - 2004    
  MPL 2-Point Tournament: 3rd - 2008    
  MPL 2-Point Tournament: 4th - 1997, 1999    
  MPL 1-Point Tournament: 3rd - 1992    
  MPL Partners Tournament: 2nd - 1996 (with Stephen Boudreau)    
  MPL Partners Tournament: 4th - 2001 (with Steve Kinsman)    
  President 2005-present    
  Secretary 1999-2013    
  Public Relations 1996-1999    
  Statistician 1998-1999    
  Webmaster 2000-2004    

Awards - Team
  League Champions (1992, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000)    
  League Runners-Up (1998)    
  'A' Division Playoff Champions (1992, 1995)    
  'A' Division Playoff Runners-Up (1997, 2000, 2001)    
  'B' Division Playoff Runners-Up (1994)    
Awards - Individual
  Hall Of Fame Inductee: 1995    
  Most Valuable Player: 1996, 1998    
  Most Sporstmanlike Player: 1991    
  High Average: 1993 (.821), 1996 (.813)    
  Most 4 Game Wins: 1993 (8), 1996 (6), 1998 (5)    
  Most Consecutive Wins: 1996 (14), 2000 (14)    
Annual Mixed Doubles Tournament
  MMPL Mixed Doubles Tournament: 3rd - 1997 (with Kelly Ward)    
  MMPL Mixed Doubles Tournament 4th - 1994 (with JoAnn Johnson)    
  President 1993-1998, 2000, 2001, 2004    
  Secretary 1999    
  Webmaster 2000-2005    

Tournament Director
  Provincial 8-Ball & 9-Ball Championships 1995-2008 CSNS
  Provincial Snooker Championships 1994-2008 CSNS
  Atlantic 8-Ball Championships 1997-2010 BCA/CCS
  Atlantic 9-Ball Championships 1995-2010 CSNS/CBSA
  Provincial 8-Ball & 9-Ball Championships 1995-2008 CSNS
  Provincial Snooker Championships 1994-2008 CSNS
  Atlantic 8-Ball Championships 1997-2010 BCA/CCS
  Atlantic 9-Ball Championships 1995-2010 CSNS/CBSA
  Canadian 9-Ball Championships 1998, 2001, 2002, 2006 CBSA
  Canadian Snooker Championships 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007 CBSA
  World Womens & Juniors 9-Ball Championships (Quebec City) 2000 WPA